My Mission is to help you achieve affinity in your relationship, to improve your relationship with yourself and your loved ones through holistic means of training and strategies. 

When you book me as your coach, you are enlisting the support and encouragement of someone who will help you to clarify your values and strengths and help you navigate obstacles and mindsets that have been stopping you, so that you can move in the direction you want to go in.

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 Through Relationship Affinity coaching, I help people who:

  • Want to improve your relationship with yourself or someone else,

  • Want to rediscover the excitement in your relationship

  • Want a solution-focused, goal-focused solution,

  • Want a compassionate, non-judgmental environment.



No matter what walk of life you are from or whether you choose to receive your coaching over the phone or in-person, I will work towards you building a trusting relationship in me as your coach and in the coaching process, thereby reaping the benefits of coaching. At Zea Consultant, every client’s information is kept confidential throughout the relationship.


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