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Reset, Refocus and Rejuvenate your Relationship with yourself is Deesha’s life work of breaking the pattern of personal empowerment Blocks, Fears, Negative thinking in key areas of your life in just 5 Days...

Identify your Passion and your Passion will Become your Identity one Day - Deesha Sangani.

Are you a Working Professional, Entrepreneur, Home-Maker, Fresh out of College?

✅Are you happy in your comfort zone? Where you have started to believe this is it and beyond this, I don’t see anything for myself?
✅Are important decisions of your life taken by someone else?
✅Do you feel emotionally and financially caged in your life?
✅Have you compromised in your life because you really don’t know your potential and what are you supposed to do in your life?

The game-changing truth of Personal Empowerment is Understanding that it is Empowering Yourself.

Hi, I am Deesha Sangani, Personal Empowerment Coach, Besting Selling Author, and speaker. I am on a mission to help 1,00,000 Working professionals, Entrepreneurs, Home-Maker, Fresh out of college, to identify and follow their passion.


So if you’re ready to empower yourself, want to know the best secrets to get started, or just want to know what level you’re at, come join me with my signature WhatsApp Program.

  • Own your financial freedom

  • I will help you identify which level you are at and give you the best tools for that level to help you rapidly reach your goals.

  • What if extraordinary performance became a daily habit? Discover the peak performance formula quietly harnessed

  • If confidence ever abandoned you when meeting someone new, know this... It’s NOT your fault.

  • Fully engage whomever you're speaking to (whether it's an audience of 1 or 1000)

  • Speak with confidence and charisma 

  • Make an epic first-impression

We don't need to Pause our Goals... We just need new ways to achieve them. And it might be worth counting on different forces of Nature to Nudge us in the Right Direction.

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