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Sam – Bangalore – India 

 I was not sure about my journey, when I walked in for my first session.


I was given clarity on what is coaching and how it would work.


By the end of the first session, I had a road map on how I would achieve my goals “.

The second session was an eye-opener, it helped me to address my concerns hampering my goal and how I would achieve my goals.

“Really grateful to Deesha Sangani for being a great coach.

Bandini D- Nagpur- India

One day I was scrolling my Instagram account and I found  a free webinar on "How to heal from a broken relationship" by Deesha sangani.. From last few years I was struggling to overcome my broken relationship but I always failed which make me so depressed that it was affecting my personal and professional life both. As I was attending the webinar, I found that I wasn't the only one who was suffering, their are so many people who are facing the same problem but nobody was ready to talk on it. As the webinar continue, I feel that this was the support and guidance I was looking for and then suddenly without having another thought I  registered for the course. 
After having personal conversation with Deesha ma'am I feel so relaxed. She guides me so lovingly and told me the secret to heal myself. Intially, I was shocked when she told me the secret to heal and I wasn't sure whether it will work or not. But she told me everything will happens gradually and I should trust her and have faith. I did all the things which she told me to do and now I'm able to live a normal life. I'm able to forgive and move on in my life.
Thank you so much for showing me the way. Thanks  for helping me out, because of you I am able to make a new start. Thanks a lot for everything.. Love you a lot

Nupur- Delhi- India

Your  an angel, who changed life.

I remember coming across your webinar post and immediately without second thought  , i registered for the course, with a hope that i could have  some guidance. to walk a path. The webinar was  absolute life changing  with few secrets shared on how to heal from broken heart.

Post  Webinar. I wanted to  have One one session with Deesha Madam. She was kind enough to accept my request. When i had my one on one, I realized she spreads positivity and  at same time she best person to guide .

I took  up the course along with One on One session and surely can vouch it was best decison of life 

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