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The Author Marketing and Branding Kit

Are you passionate and want to fulfill your dreams? Do you want to create a legacy that stands the test of time?

Then remember a book is an easiest and most time-tested way to reach out to millions of people, create your brand identity, and inspire people with your words.


One of the challenges that most authors face is marketing their books. They face challenges in creating visibility about their books and a clear brand identity for themselves.

90% of authors face challenges in creating content for their social media profiles, maintaining brand cohesion and continuous visibility of their content. Marketing & Branding your work is the most important step after writing the best book.

Initially, there is a lot of excitement to post about your book but slowly, it becomes monotonous to post on the same lines and a struggle to juggle between various things in life.

Ingredients to a Bestseller

That is where I as a Bestselling author and Coach can come to your rescue. With the Author-Marketing & Branding Kit, I provide an end-to-end content creation planner for all your social media needs

The Author-Marketing & Branding Kit Includes


If you are someone who wishes to grow their presence on social media, below are the service details for you.


If you wish to get the Author-Marketing & Branding Kit, contact Deesha Sangani -

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